The beauty of being a car enthusiast is being able to appreciate the diversity of the people and the cars that compose car culture. At your average car show in Southern California, one can easily point out the JDM classics, European grand-tourers, and American muscle cars that are parked throughout the lot. Often times it may seem as though these vehicles get the most attention in the car scene - but today, that all changes.

You see them every once in a while at your local cars and coffee event, or perhaps at an auto convention. They’re elusive - but when they do make an appearance, they are sure to garner some attention and amass a crowd. They’re KDM vehicles. Korean-built, modified builds, like Danny Kim’s Kia Optima Turbo, are turning heads everywhere - but how?


From afar Danny’s Kia Optima looks sleek, its profile accentuated by its gloss black exterior and chrome trim accent pieces. Get a little closer and you will see why so many enthusiasts are intrigued by Danny’s creation. One of the most powerful visual draws of the vehicle is KEENDESIGN’s very own KD03 wheels, which Danny has chosen to fit on his Optima in a captivating machined black. With an entirely unique design, these wheels allow Danny’s Optima to stand out with a clean, OEM plus aesthetic that brings a fresher, more detail-oriented look to his KDM vehicle. With a keen attention to detail implemented into the craftsmanship of each and every one of our products, upgrading to KEENDESIGN wheels are especially beneficial for those looking to enhance the look and style of their vehicle without having to commit to any drastic, over-the-top exterior modifications. Danny’s new OEM plus aesthetic also comes with the benefits of OEM fitment, as all KEENDESIGN wheels are engineered specifically to match the widths and offsets of stock wheels already offered on Kia and Hyundai vehicles. Lowered on Megan Racing coilovers, this Optima’s lower stance makes this Kia receive the respect it deserves for what it is - a clean, detail-oriented build that reflects the unique personality and style of its owner.

But that’s not all. This Optima’s sleek and sharp body lines can also be attributed to the red trim aero pieces fitted throughout the vehicle, which include a front spoiler, side skirts, and rear diffuser custom made for the K5 Kia Optima. A dual-exit exhaust out back provides a nice rumble, letting the Injen intake under the hood whistle as the turbo spools up, ready to carve any back canyon road with ease. With his KEENDESIGN wheels providing him with the high-quality performance and durability his KDM build deserves, Danny’s Kia Optima is ready to turn some more heads.


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